What Vintage & Not-So-Vintage Techniques Were Used Before the Existence of Photoshop?

The process of photo retouching has been there for as long as photography has been in existence. Photographers would paint or draw on top of their film, scrape it with knives, or combine multiple negatives to create one print.

Using a Scanner - The Optimal Settings For Scanning The Photos You Want To Restore

Today we show you who to choose the right scanner and settings when you want to restore your photographies.

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What resolution should a photo have if I want to print it?

What happens when you print a photograph, and it is not what you'd expected? Sometimes it comes out blurry, sometimes it's cropped awkwardly, and sometimes it won't come out of the printer at all! Well, today, we're going to learn how to print your photos correctly.

File Formats
Photo Files Formats - What is the preferred file type for a photo?

When you retouch your photos, you have to be careful about what kind of format you choose when you save them. The right file type produces well-crafted images, while the wrong one may lead to poor-quality pictures.

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Photo Scanning Apps - The Best iOS and Android Apps To Scan Your Photos

While hard copies are nice to have, scanning your photos with iOS and Android apps can help save them for generations to come. Discover the apps that will make the job a piece of cake!

The History of Stereoscopic Photography

The art and science of photography hit a lot of milestones in a short amount of time. What we call Stereoscopic Photography was just another step in photography's evolving technology in the transition from paintings to photos.

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Adding Photo Filters To Printed Photos

With digital image enhancement tools, you can edit an image with filters that tell a story when they're printed. However, before adding filters to printed photos, you'll want to check that your printed image isn't losing quality.

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How To Digitally Fix Ripped Corners on Photos

Learn how to fix photos ripped corners. A quick overview of some techniques, tips and tools.

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