Photo Scanning Apps - The Best iOS and Android Apps To Scan Your Photos

Do you know which app works best for scanning your favorite family photos? Photography plays a huge role in keeping old memories alive. People take pictures to store and share favorite moments and experiences. While these hard copies are nice to have, scanning your photos with iOS and Android apps can help save them for generations to come. 

Why You Need Photo Scanning Apps

Sharing old photos in a digital format is becoming the new norm, leading to the need for a high-quality photo scanner, which helps convert hard copy photos into digital copies that can be saved to the cloud. While you can take a picture of the original photograph, the quality is often poor and the photos produced are unclear with a low definition.

Thankfully, Android and iOS have developed useful photo scanning apps that help you preserve your favorite photos easily, so you can be proud of the memories you share.

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The Best Photo Scanning Apps for Android

Here are some of the best Android photos scanning Apps to help you revive your old memories and upload your favorite printed photographs. 

Google PhotoScan

This app helps you scan your printed picture using your phone's camera, saving it automatically on your device. It is one of the best photos for scanning apps today. Unlike other apps available, Google PhotoScan takes multiple shots of a photograph, helping to remove glare and improve the overall photo quality.

It can automatically detect the four edges of your physical copy and then corrects the perspective using a smart rotation. After this, you could save your picture in Google cloud for free. However, there have been a few complaints about some photos overlapping after being scanned.


Photomyne can scan multiple photos in one go. It's automated to detect different images and have them stored in separate albums.

You’ll have the option of arranging all your photos on a table and scanning them efficiently and quickly. Unlike PhotoScan, though, it can't detect the edges of the photos accurately.


This app is highly rated because of its edge detection technology and its ability to correct the perspective. It also allows you to add a caption to your photos, i.e., details about the location, the date, and what event was going on when the picture was taken.

You can also choose to save your images on Shoebox’s website at or keep it in yourphone's gallery.

Helmut Film Scanner

This is the best app for digitizing your film slides because of its cost-effectiveness. It requires no additional hardware. It has a higher and better resolution with a straight forward interface, which mostly involves personalizing the format settings.

Uniquely, it can create photos from negatives, working with both black and white negatives or color positives. You just need to make sure the film has enough exposure to light.

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The Best Photo Scanning Apps for iOS

Here are a few of the top iOS photos scanning apps to try out on that stack of old family photos that are getting dusty in your attic. 

Pic Scanner

It’s the only photo scanner in iOS that has the ability to scan many photos at once. After detecting a snapshot, it can crop it automatically before saving the image.

It has an impressive selection of tools to enhance your photo by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color, among other filters. Also, it allows you to add captions, focus, recolor, or unfade your photo. You can even remove stains and blemishes too.

Cam Scanner

With Cam Scanner, you can scan, crop, and edit your photos before converting them to PDFs or JPEGs for easy sharing.

It has features that let you organize your scanned pictures into topics for accessibility. The app has both free and premium packages. The open box doesn't last long, but it offers enough tools for high definition and excellent quality photo scans.

You'll also find features that allow you to add annotations and create passwords to privatize your documents.

Photo Scanner Plus

This utomated app can detect, crop, and rotate an image to create a high-quality scanned photo. It can restore the image's original color, add contrast, sharpen the image, increase or decrease it's brightness, and lots more. It has filters that will colorize your photos and allow you to easily share your memories online on social media through Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Family Search Memories

This app emphasizes using pictures to help follow the narrative of your family's genealogy. It helps you identify your relatives in photos and then automatically links them to and updates your family tree. Also, it lets you to tell stories about your family members by allowing you to attach audio files and documents to your scanned pictures.

It works without the internet too, which is very convenient, and it checks for updates every three weeks.

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Lewis, Steven "Untitled", Unsplash, 8/7/14,, Accessed 11/12/20

Choosing the Right App for Scanning Your Photos

With these photo scanning apps, you can access editing tools without sophisticated and expensive hardware. Linked with their filters and countless effects, you can keep your photographs in great shape while sharing them with your loved ones. 

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